Decopat makes installation easy. We can custom drill holes in your screens, supply fixings and fixtures such as stand offs and cable hanging systems to enable you to hang or install your screens. Some of our screens are light weight and robust enabling them to be hung without any special requirements, similar to a painting. There are so many options when it comes to installing your screens, some examples are found below.

Mounting Options

Option A

Mounting holes around edge of panel

Option B

Countersunk mounting holes around edge of panel

Option C

Create depth and shadows by using standoffs

Option D

Velcro (Light panels only)

Option E


Option F

Z Brackets / Z Cleat

Option G

Single Fold (Aluminum, Steel and ACM Only)

Option H

Double Fold (Aluminum Only)

Option I

Hangbolt - Removable (Aluminum Only)

Option J

Keyhole (Aluminum, Steel and ACM Only)

Option K

Diagonal (Aluminum Only)

Option L

Double Fold Façade (Aluminum Only)

Option M

Framed (Aluminum & Steel Only)

Option N

Welded Brackets (Aluminum & Steel Only)

Option O


Option P

Framed (Grooves or Sandwiched)

Option R

Hanging System

Option S

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